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Data services

USB flash drives are one of the best 21st century marketing and promotional items that busiesses and organizations have discovered. These reusable flash drives are a perfect way to market or promote your company, business or organization with a logo printed directly on the flash drive. What's more, USB flash drives have more advantages which no other promotional items can compare with, all kinds of data services.

  • Preloading
  • Non-Erasable Contents
  • Autorun
  • Logo Autorun
  • Custom Icon

We can preload any file for you on the USB flash drives , such as software demo, flash protions, powerpoint presentation, movie clips and PDF product brochures. The placed files can be removed by the users

Non-Erasable Contents
We can also place a file on the USB flash drive and make it non-earable. This function is very useful when you want the contents never removed by the end users, such as marketig materials and catalogues.

The end users may ignore the preloaded files even they are non-erasable, but with auto run function, they can't be igonore any more! The files we preload will automatically run each time the user inserts the USB flash drive in the USB port.The company website can be auto run as well. The website pop up upon inserting the USB Flash drive in PC. 

Logo Autorun
With logo auto-run function, the chosen logo will appear on the computer screen when the USB flash driveis inserted into the computer. Then the USB flash drive can be used under normal conditions. With this unique feature, an instant reminder of your company is provided each time the end users use the flash drive to transfer files or back up documents.

Custom Icon
Instead of having the text "removable drive x" displayed in the drive letter window, we can have your logo set as drive icon. When the USB flash drive is interted in a computer,the window of the USB drive will appear on the screen with your logo as drive icon.

Besides above data services which are suitable for most promotional purposes, we also provide other features for different uses. Main features include:
PC Security Lock
With our utility software, you can protect your PC from unauthorized access using our USB flash drives. No more worry about leaving your PC or laptop unattended!
Secure User Partition
Also we offer utility software to allow the owners of USB flash drives to protect their personal data in an encrypted partion. The data is still safe even you lose the flash drives. Data can be stored in an encrypted partition with password protection, at the same time, a public partition can be accessed for all users.
Unique ID
A pre-configured unique serial number can be preloaded onto each individual drive for software protection, dongle replacement, software activation, embership token, access control, and other security/identification purposes.
Private Data Area
A hidden data area not visible to the users can securely store information. Specific application includes storing password and other very personal information. This function also needs to be supported by our utility software.